Three Things I Learned About Clamming


Here’s what I learned today about clamming: you can make your own clam gun with PVC pipe for about ten bucks, it’s easy to trip on a clam hole, and you’re cooler if you drive to the beach in a jacked-up truck.

Monday’s the last day for clamming on the Long Beach penninsula for this go-round. Be sure to check out the rules and regs with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife before heading out.
Spent the morning at Cranberry Beach at the north end of Long Beach where most limited out by 9 am. You’ll need to be done by noon. Good reports coming from Sunset Beach between Warrenton and Gearhart on the Oregon side, too.
You can fry ’em, you can chowder ’em,  you can add goey sour cream for an awesome clam dip, just don’t forget your clam license.

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