Why Squid? Why Knot?

Even though squid are one of the less-researched marine creatures, they sure have us curious.

For example, what’s with the crazy iridescence? That’s the question posed by this video and you’ll see how squid researchers have tried to answer it.

Most common off the Washington and Oregon coast is the market squid. Yes, they are the tasty ones and there is an established fishery.

You’ll also find plenty of Pacific squid but there have been some sightings of the larger, less friendly Humbolt squid, too.

In 2004 and 2010, the area from Westport to Cannon Beach was the scene of squid invasions. They tend not to last long because seagulls find them awesome. Even when the lemon wedges are running low.

If you’re interested in squid fishing, Puget Sound is the hot spot. Most squid fishers opt for the nighttime hours. You catch some, let me know. There’s some marinara sauce on the stove and fresh tzatziki in the ‘fridge.

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