DismalNitchWe know a place called Dismal Nitch.

That’s why more than 200 years after Lewis and Clark ended the expedition here, we still need layers and pints.

1243 miles. And it’s far from being a straight line. The Columbia River heads north before it twists near Selkirk then cuts through eastern Washington and a place called Dry Falls carrying British Columbia’s glacial water through turbines and towns finally mixing with the saline from the eastern Pacific.


Chinook, Washington

The river spits sand into a 28-mile long peninsula to the north, ending near a town called Oysterville.

No matter how long I’ve lived here, I’m constantly surprised by something new. Sometimes it’s a building that’s been repurposed as is the case with the old Bumble Bee plant near Astoria’s east mooring basin. Other times it’s learning about a whole culture that I didn’t know existed.

For the longest time, the RV crowd seemed foreign to me. Why would somebody haul along so much stuff if the goal is to check what’s outside in our Northwest? Then recently, I discovered the subculture of teardrop camping where they travel with some of the comforts of home — after all we are venturing out into a marine climate –but still leave a small footprint.

Maybe the goal of your travel is to let you meet with craft brewers and plumb their secrets. Or maybe you want to know the science behind the “squeak” in the cheese curds in Tillamook. Could be you just need to get renewed by the sounds and smells of the Pacific shore. Those reasons and many more are enough to make you an honorary member of our team of travelers.

The Lewis & Clark Expedition battled fleas, leaky boats, and bears. Here’s hoping when you head out, your Corps of Discovery shares some of the sense of wonder…without the fleas.

– John Windus for squidknot

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  1. Love your site! really liked the video about building scrap wood surfboards. Thanks for checking out my site northwestsessions.com It seems we are both hell bent on sapping every bit of fun and life from this “dismal” corner of the planet!

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