Half-A-Million Riders Can’t Be Wrong

Panorama shot taken on the day of the trolley's 500,000 boarding.

Panorama shot taken on the day of the trolley’s 500,000 boarding.

Louise Whitewater stepped aboard the Old 300 Riverfront Trolley in Astoria, Oregon, Sunday. She was welcomed by Mayor Willis Van Dusen and the City Council as the 500,000th passenger.

Louise, a former Astoria resident, was in town for a doctor’s appointment when she was greeted at the stop by the Columbia River Maritime Museum with gifts and a series of “hip, hip, hoorays.”

The trolley was built in 1913 by the American Car Company of St. Louis, Missouri and was restored in Astoria in 1999.

Astoria’s Sunday Market: Come for the food and music

These guys were playing outside the Liberty Theater. Not only a great restored landmark for the city, but a hot spot on Sunday for Astoria‘s Market.
We also sampled some really good stuff. On the advice of Market regulars and a tip from our friends at Columbia River Coffee Roasters, we had the salmon crepes by Crepe Neptune from Cannon Beach. Also a four-pack cookie variety by Packer Family Orchards & Bakery from Hood River.
The market’s website is astoriasundaymarket.com.

Fresh Fish

A century ago, the shores of the lower Columbia River were lined with canneries. With the closure of the Bumble Bee facility, only a few remain. The Skipanon brand seafood facility in Warrenton, Oregon still packs them fresh in small batches. Their products are available at the cannery, by mail, and at farmers markets in Astoria and Beaverton.

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