Fort George Brewery + Public House

So much beer, so little time.

FtGeorgetower600There’s a new theme beer every month and construction is taking over the lobby as a staircase from the Astoria Column is being installed at the brewery. They’ve got tours on the weekends and music on Sunday night. That’s about all I remember from today’s visit. Had the 1811 Lager which is so unlike the watered-down versions that you’re used to that I’d recommend you proceed with care. Or get a driver. Or get a room.


Portway Tavern

The building that houses the Portway was built in 1923. The Portway opened in 1925. “Portway” Paul Jarvenien ran it from 1931 until he died in 1984. Look closely at the photo. See the trap door in the floor? No? Click to enlarge. The trap door dumps out within 19 feet of a basement door leading to the waterfront leading to the legend of unsuspecting patrons getting shanghaied in Astoria. Source: menu at Portway. It made for good reading over a Portway Burger. Lots of friendly locals playing video poker, and having a pint. TV was on the NCAA playoffs and a big table near the front was taken up by longshoremen from the nearby Port of Astoria. Cards are welcome but American Express isn’t taken here. Cash works. The Portway’s menu says it’s the oldest watering hole in the oldest American settlement west of the Rockies. 422 W Marine Drive, 503-325-2651

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